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Harkrishan Punn

Hi! I’m Harkrishan or Harry to some, a engineering graduate, an occasional reader (working my way back to avid), and a writer on my better days. I believe in the power of effective communication and its necessity in nearly all aspects of life.

I was born in India and did most of my early schooling in a boarding school up in the hills of Nainital. I grew up in a world where books became my escape and writing was cathartic. I went to high school in Muscat, Oman (close to Dubai) in the Middle East.

I am currently near Kingston, Ontario working in subdivision design. I love to read when I can, go on walks with my partner and eat comfort food – Indian, Middle Eastern and Mexican.

The past few years have been supremely enlightening. I’m working towards personal growth through self-acceptance, meditation and more mindful living. I’ve spent some time away from these practises but I’m working my way back to them!

I would love to connect with you!

All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.

– Ernest Hemingway

About Me

25. Hufflepuff. Dog Dad.


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